Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I’ve had this blog for a while now without posting anything. My loyal and incredibly talented friend Emma sits alone in the followers list waiting for something, anything. Well then, this first post is for her. Hello Em, nice to see you.

I’ve been building up a steady portfolio of work published online and was waiting for a print publication to start this here blog. Well, I will be appearing in issue 4.1 of NANO fiction. A lovely looking thing from Texas that deals in all things NANO (300 words of thereabouts.) The cover designs are lovely and the pictures I've managed to find of the publications are lovely also. I’m very excited about this and would advise you all (Emma that’s you) to pre order the spring issue to hold you over.

Aside from that I have returned to one of my favourite authors lately. Good old Raymond Carver. What I wouldn’t give to stitch a sentence together like that man. What I wouldn’t give for a pair of eyebrows like that. Anyway, I’ve started to unintentionally transpose some classic Carver character traits onto my friends. It is not a pleasant experience. They all seem to be harbouring some inner torment. They all seem ready to explode; spitting blood and swinging fists, although I know these people are calm and placid in nature. In short, Carver seems to be ruining my life at the moment. And I love it. How did he see these things in people? And more importantly, how did he stop it? Surely not everyone is a powder keg of violence and sexual frustration…….

I think I might read some Ali Smith and be done with it.