Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Norman Wisdom is dead

In fifty years we will all be looking back to this point.

Where were you on Tuesday 5th October 2010, when the world woke to the news of Norman Wisdoms death?

I'm writing this and thinking about an idea for a new story.

In fifty years this blog will be buried under a deluge of rubble. Internet soil. Clumps of words and pornographic pictures and special recordings of boring b-sides. But somebody might dig around long enough to find this sentence. And by association, this one.

By then the world's many religions may have unified under the belief that Norman Wisdom was their one true saviour. They will all remember what they were doing today, and they will see what I was doing.

I am writing this blog and thinking about an idea for a new short story. It is the day that the world woke up and realised Norman Wisdom had died.

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