Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kill Author / Liars League

I blogged a while back about the variety of forms that my writing had started to take. One of the experiments that I spoke about has been picked for publication in the current issue of Kill Author. The journal is one of my favorites and since it began a few years ago, I have read each issue entirety. I suggest you do the same!
And then you should tell others about it too.
And they will love you.

Also this month I will be having a story featured at Liars League. 'The League' for those that are not sure, is a collaboration between Writer's and Actor's that host literary evening at The Phoneix in London once a month. The concept is great, the stories are great and the actor's are fantastic. I've managed to make it along to the last few events and it's a great honor to get a story recognized by 'The Liars.'

Hope you enjoy them. Thanks