Monday, 24 October 2011

An Alien Film

A friend and I are halfway through drafting a screenplay about Aliens. Yes, that's proper capital A, E.T style, snatch you out of your bed, space dwelling ALIENS.

It seems like we've been kicking around ideas for years, and whilst this particular idea is relatively fresh, in actuality I suppose we have been kicking around ideas for years. I'd go as far to say that everything we've ever chatted about, every X-Files inspired geek-off, and every shared bottle of Pepsi has led to this collaborative process.

It's been a right old laugh so far. Which is odd for me. Writing is a lonely pursuit for a lot of writers, and an especially lonely one for me because that's one of the things I enjoy about it. I will go out of my way to close myself off whilst I'm writing.

But not last week. And not in the coming weeks either. Collaborative writing involves quite a few things that I'd never really associated with writing at all. Chatting, brainstorming, patience, politeness, laughing, joking and shared frustration are all a part of it.

If any of those sound negative then you've got the wrong idea. They're all fine. They're great. It works. We got tons done in a very closed time frame and we're both really proud of it so far.

Aside: I was going to take a camera and tweet photos from our make-shift writing studio, but I didn’t. Instead I drew the highly informative and beautifully rendered sketch found above.

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