Sunday, 18 March 2012

Beginnings. Endings.

I've been indulging myself lately. I've been creating and dreaming and jotting things down without feeling any pressure to get anything finished. That - for me, is the dream. For the last few months I've been letting my story / script ideas develop fluidly. I have been trying to take the urgency out of my writing in order to let things fall into place naturally.

As a result of this new found disregard of deadlines and productivity, I have actually finished quite a few different projects. As far as unexpected side effects go, I'd say this is one of my favourites.

Firstly there is a short story that will be featuring in a forthcoming print issue of Pure Slush (more on that soon.)

Secondly I just finished my entry to the Bristol Short Story Prize

And finally, I am off to my old haunt (Derby) to read in front of an audience for the first time in years. My dear friend Emma Lannie kindly asked me to be part of the bill for her upcoming event at the Silk Mill. (Emma if you have an event set up online anywhere then send me the details and I'll link here.) I can tell you that it's on Friday the 30th March.... and it will be great. I will be reading about a fish, and possibly about a picnic.

And just as projects finish new ones begin. I am currently scouting locations for a short film I am writing along with fellow creatives and film junkies Ben Higgs and Adam Vickers. I'm planing on keeping a production diary for that one, so more details soon. It's called 'Experiments 001 - 004'

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  1. Yeah! Here's the link to the Holy Smokes! event...

    Can't wait. x