Saturday, 14 April 2012


The first National Flash Fiction Day is fast approaching! If you don't know about it then educate yourself here

There are events up and down the country to commemorate the day as well as an anthology release. I'm particulaly excited by the anthology as it includes a story by a friend of mine, Emma as well as one by Tania Hershman. I don't know Tania but her story 48 Dogs, which I first read in February has become one of my favourite online flashes. Go ahead, read it - tell me it doesn't break your heart.

I've been writing flash fiction for as long as I've been writing. I remember trying to write a novel at the age of twelve. It had twenty eight chapters but would probably be filed under flash fiction if anyone were to categorise it. I'll have to try and find it somewhere the next time I'm lost in the loft, but I'm sure teh total word count came it at under 1,000.

Anyway - I have a few stories scheduled to appear both in print and online over the next few months. I will alert you all when they are up but until then, here is a little flash fiction for you.

Enjoy 16th May.

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