Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lovers' Lies published! (and other stories)

It's a book. I am in it. It is officially published today.

Later today I am going to saunter into a bookshop and pick up a copy of Lovers' Lies. I will probably have a huge smile on my face and creep out whoever sells it to me - but that's ok. I'm allowed to do that. I have a story in there.

Lovers' Lies is published today through Arachne Press, a relatively new publisher of anything exciting. This book is created as an antidote to Valentines Day. It is a book designed expressly for romantic cynics and cynical romantics. As such - my story feels right at home amongst the pages.

Undeniable proof

I'm in good company too. My advance copy has already been picked apart and devoured over the course of the last week. The stories cover a broad spectrum and whilst none are typically 'love stories' they all deal with the L-word in some way. As it says in the blurb... 'Strange Journeys and Stranger Destinations' await you. A full list of the authors can be found here:

Also - I've had two submission acceptances so far this year, both for brand new stories.
One will be appearing on the excellent Every Day Fiction in the next few months, and the other over at Apocrypha and Abstractions in April.

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