Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The postman is a creep: an explanation


A huge welcome to readers of Every Day Fiction. I'm assuming you've made it here today after reading my story The postman is a creep; which was published over there this morning. I hope you enjoyed it.

However, even if you did enjoy enjoy it, the story isn't exactly breakfast reading and you are probably thinking something along the lines of.... 'what?' I thought I'd offer you this post to explain a few things.

The story is an experiment of sorts. I blogged about it shortly after halloween. I was in a particularly haunting kind of mood and decided to work on my own horror tale. I said at the time that I wanted to work on providing a 'slow drip feed of information' and I think the postman works on that level. At the beginning of the story you know next to nothing about this figure or more importantly, about the people of the town. That slowly changes over the course of the piece until we discover the truth in the final few paragraphs. It's a classic horror scenario and hopefully I've used it effectively.

The other important horror trope I tried to incorporate was a fear of the unknown. My postman was invented whilst walking to work one morning. It was cold and dark and the postmen were picking their way along the streets of London. Every road I turned down, there were more of them. And I saw these postman which such startling regularity that they began to appear strange. It was like repeating a word over and over again. The postman quite simply became - odd. So I worked on the physical description of my postman that evening. In an earlier draft of the story this section came about half way through, but whilst editing I decided it was far more sinister to open the story with it. My thinking behind it was to throw the reader in at the deep end and hope I didn't drown them.

So there you have it - my reasoning behind what is quite possibly the strangest thing I've ever written.

I genuinely hope you enjoyed it. And if not... well, why not check out some of my other stuff.


  1. I feel freaked out ... and I'm a post lady
    great story
    thanks for sharing

  2. Nathan, I enjoyed your story very much. I love a good creepy tale and you "delivered." Well done. :)